This Is Why I Cancelled The Cable

So yesterday as I was taking Piper home from preschool, I was listening to the Charlie Hodge Rock n’ Roll Half-Time Show on KLBJ FM. He started talking about a bizarre casting call that he had learned about. In disbelief, I turned up the volume to make sure I wasn’t hearing things. Here is what the casting people were looking for:

“Fearless charactery tough guy types. Seeking real-life tough guys, preferably Italian, but open to other types, who believe in ghosts, are fearless, and want to take on the most toughest/violent ghosts in the tri-state area for a new reality show. Talent from Staten Island, Long Island, Bronx and NJ can also apply.”

The show is called Ghostfellas. Not thinking this could be real, I did a little research on the Internet later last night. It looks like this might actually be legit. Don’t believe me? Here’s the poster for the show:

OK, that’s really a mock-up posted by Michelle Collins over at Best Week Ever. Regardless, it’s still possible that a production company might be making a pilot for this show. The story originated from¬†comedian and actor Anthony DeVito. He posted an image of the actual casting call notice to his Facebook page, along with the caption, “This is real. I give the f*ck up.” Just the fact that this might even be a possibility makes me want to call Time Warner and set up a cable account, just so I can have the joy of canceling it all over again.

What do you think? Is this a real show coming to a basic cable channel near you, or just a silly hoax?

Source: Best Week Ever, Huffington Post


5 thoughts on “This Is Why I Cancelled The Cable

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    1. Maybe. Shows like “Ghosthunters” and the like are pretty big on cable here. Well, not big but they keep making those shows, so they must have an audience. I can see the pitch meeting now, “It’s Ghosthunters meets The Jersey Shore.”


  1. Jeeze. It wouldn’t surprise me. Also the reason we cancelled cable. We like to choose with forethought, and often the time-tested approval of trusted reviewers by watching T.V. well after it’s aired. Reality shows. Kill me.


  2. I’m insulted, why not Brooklyn or Queens? We got tough guys out here too. Getting back to the post, I so need to call cablevision to get my cable back. So like you, ican cancel it all over again.

    What are they thinking about. Seems like a lot of shows these days are pretty brainless. Slapstick shows to keep the people in their place. Makes you wonder, why are they trying to keep us dumb.


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