Russell Brand Wants To Change The Way We Think

British celebrity Russell Brand caused quite a stir recently by taking on the mantel of guest editor for the late October edition of political magazine The New Statesman. The actor and comedian described the October issue as calling for “a revolution in consciousness, a revolution in truth, and a revolution in the way we see... Continue Reading →

Steve Jobs: In His Own Words

On Wednesday, Steve Jobs was taken from this world. Though there are those with differing opinions on his company and approach to labor, it is difficult to understate the effect his work had on our lives. He took a little company that he started with a couple of friends, who worked out of his parents'... Continue Reading →

Time (Clock of the Heart)

Always elusive and difficult to understand, I can't fully explain the nature of time. I only know for creative types, it’s our greatest resource. Two things are certain in this life: you will always have more to learn, and you will never have enough time. Everything you do takes tremendous amounts of work, and it... Continue Reading →

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