Russell Brand Wants To Change The Way We Think

British celebrity Russell Brand caused quite a stir recently by taking on the mantel of guest editor for the late October edition of political magazine The New Statesman. The actor and comedian described the October issue as calling for “a revolution in consciousness, a revolution in truth, and a revolution in the way we see... Continue Reading →

The NSA Dropped the Ball Again

It’s happened again. An unthinkable lapse in security has cost us our safety. But in order to fully comprehend the inherent dangers we have just survived, we need to understand exactly what it is we mean by these words. Google searches yielded the following definitions: noun: security; plural noun: securities 1. the state of being... Continue Reading →

George Lucas, Please Stop Talking

With the release of The Phantom Menace in 3D today, Star Wars is in the limelight once again. This should be a good thing. However, lately it seems whenever Star Wars is in the news, controversy is soon to follow. This week was no exception. Fanboys set the Internet ablaze when—during an interview with The... Continue Reading →

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