George Lucas, Please Stop Talking

With the release of The Phantom Menace in 3D today, Star Wars is in the limelight once again. This should be a good thing. However, lately it seems whenever Star Wars is in the news, controversy is soon to follow. This week was no exception. Fanboys set the Internet ablaze when—during an interview with The... Continue Reading →

The Return of Punch Dancing?

Apparently, Hollywood doesn't have any original ideas anymore. You just can't get away from the remakes, which are all the rage these days. I just saw a trailer for the new version of Footloose. It started out in the same vein- a small town with a bunch of grumpy adults who won't let the kids... Continue Reading →

Charlie Brooker Is The Devil

Always on the lookout for new points of view, I stumbled upon a documentary series called How TV Ruined Your Life. Written and presented for BBC Two by British journalist Charlie Brooker earlier this year, each episode provides an extremely pessimistic take on how television has changed different aspects of modern life. Love, money, fear,... Continue Reading →

This Is Why I Cancelled The Cable

So yesterday as I was taking Piper home from preschool, I was listening to the Charlie Hodge Rock n' Roll Half-Time Show on KLBJ FM. He started talking about a bizarre casting call that he had learned about. In disbelief, I turned up the volume to make sure I wasn't hearing things. Here is what... Continue Reading →

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