Time (Clock of the Heart)

Always elusive and difficult to understand, I can't fully explain the nature of time. I only know for creative types, it’s our greatest resource. Two things are certain in this life: you will always have more to learn, and you will never have enough time. Everything you do takes tremendous amounts of work, and it... Continue Reading →

Dave Grohl Has Stopped Believin’

Apparently it doesn't smell like teen spirit for Dave Grohl. In defense of his friend, Nathan Followill from the band Kings of Leon, he made this statement during a recent appearance on the cable talk show Chelsea Lately: "I read somewhere that the creator of 'Glee,' who I never met, and I've really only watched... Continue Reading →

This Is Why I Cancelled The Cable

So yesterday as I was taking Piper home from preschool, I was listening to the Charlie Hodge Rock n' Roll Half-Time Show on KLBJ FM. He started talking about a bizarre casting call that he had learned about. In disbelief, I turned up the volume to make sure I wasn't hearing things. Here is what... Continue Reading →

Five Things 2.0 + Some FAQs

I'm baaaaaaaack. Some people have asked where I have been. I appreciate the concern. To be honest, it's just been a busy month or so. What with taking care of Piper and the litany of chores, I simply haven't had time to write. Or at least not the way I want to write. I tend... Continue Reading →

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