Silly Business: Piper’s “The Story of the Easter Bunny”

As parents, my wife and I are very excited when our three-year-old daughter, Piper, shows her creative side. We both have different ways of engaging her. My time with Piper is more about free-play; in contrast, my wife is much more likely to involve her in structured projects. A great example of this is when they made Piper’s restaurant in her room. Although The White Unicorn was a big hit, they now have a new project in the works. Piper is telling the story of the Easter Bunny, and my wife is transcribing it as she goes.  

I can’t really do it justice, so I’ll just quote my wife’s Facebook entry on the subject:

“Piper told me a story about the Easter Bunny yesterday. A surprisingly scary tale involving Santa being mad, the Easter Bunny being kept in a cage … and monsters. But fear not, in the end, she saved the Easter Bunny.”

So here it is, the beginning of a potentially ongoing saga about the Easter Bunny, as told by a three-year-old:

Piper’s “The Story of the Easter Bunny”

He got trapped in the cage and Santa got mad. He go in the backyard- and let him free. I save him. That’s why we can open presents. We’ve got to save him and let him out so he’s free and can go in the backyard.

Santa got mad. He want to be our friend.

She also provided a Jackson Pollock-like visual interpretation of the story.

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Then there’s a teaser for the next installment:

Chapter 2:

And then he brings out presents and then we open them.

I sure hope Piper’s publishing company can come through with their advance, so she can finish her next chapter. Fingers crossed.


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