The HOPE Outdoor Gallery: Amazing Graffiti Park in Downtown Austin, Texas

Before Thanksgiving, my family made an outing to Hope Park in Austin. It's the kind of thing that's difficult to describe; you have to see it in person to get the full effect. Basically, an empty lot was appropriated by the city and made into a graffiti park, where (it seems) there are no rules... Continue Reading →

That awful moment . . .

It happened today. The thing we've all been trying to avoid; the pain that we don't dare speak of. But sometimes fate rides on the wind, and it doesn't matter how fast you run. Then it happens—that awful moment when you realize you can't get away, that the fires of perdition will burn and you... Continue Reading →

What Not To Do: Throw Your Kid Overboard

Earlier, I’ve written about the now famous Hot Sauce Mom and her unusual disciplinary measures. Apparently that wasn’t enough for the universe. Now we have an even worse example of questionable parenting to contend with. Now we have “Boat Guy.” Per authorities on Monday, Sloane Briles threw his son off the side of a sightseeing... Continue Reading →

The Daddy Creed

There is a creed as old as time. Before the Renaissance, earlier than man has taken to the seas, even predating the construction of the great pyramids—mankind has never been without this hallowed canon. Belief has it that tablets containing the venerable words were brought across the universe to us from the ancients. Their consummate... Continue Reading →

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