The Awesome Liebster Blog Award

Yeah! Kat from Keeping Sane nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award, so I get to have one of those fancy bloggie badges on my page. Now I look all official and stuff. But seriously, thanks to Kat for thinking of Five Things At Once, and I suppose thus there is some bookkeeping to do.

The Liebster Blog Award is all about giving recognition to worthy blogs and raising their visibility. In theory, it is meant to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers. As Kat wrote, ” In German—“liebster” means “dear,” from the verb “lieber” [to love]. A Liebster Foundation? I have no clue, but it’s a great idea.”

Here are the Liebster Award rules:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
3. Copy & Past the award onto your blog.
4. Nominate 5 blogs to receive the award.
5. Inform them of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog.

As long as you go on to nominate 5 of your favorite blogs—it’s about giving recognition to worthy blogs and raising their visibility.

Here Are My Nominees (in no particular order):

1) Single Working Mom (SWM)
This is actually a family friend- she is a lifelong friend of my wife. She started blogging soon after I did. Her blog is about the struggles of the working mom in today’s world. She’s a musician, artist and (of course) mother. Check out her recent post: Brothers…and Me.
2) Blogging While Nursing
She is a stay at home mom, who writes about “not only about the trials and tribulations of being a stay at home mom, but also about finding balance for self, relationships, and anything else that would keep me sane.” She always writes with heart. Check out her recent post: Expanding My Reading List.
3) My Life as Narrative
Angela is a wife and mother of two, who writes about life, family and faith. It’s good times. Check out her recent post: I better pass on the coffee. Get out the juicer.
These blogs must have more than 200 followers, but I will nominate them anyway, because they are super cool.
4) …from the bungalow
Chris is a “parent to three boys, one with special needs, partner of a very cool, very real mama, music therapist, full-time financial aid coordinator, and self-proclaimed hippie-nerd.” Check out his recent post: FtB FTW! (Blogger Idol Week 10).
  5) motherventing
Her tagline is “Taking all the fluffy aspects of parenting and totally shitting all over them.” So…there’s that. But after a little NSFW-ishness, this is seriously hilarious business. To see what I mean, check out her recent post: Time Lords Don’t Jizz.

And, hey nominees, I don’t know exactly how many followers everybody has. If you have more than 200, please take no offense. I simply wanted to call up some blogs that I read and think people should check out. And those not nominated, don’t worry, there will be more shenanigans soon enough. You’re not off the hook yet.

So everybody, go and read these blogs. And as always, comments are welcome and encouraged.

12 thoughts on “The Awesome Liebster Blog Award

Add yours

  1. Thanks, Jeff! This may be the kick in the pants I needed to “break the seal” and start writing again after taking a month off. I only have 26 subscribers so far, but I do have over 200 “likes” on Facebook. I’m still small enough that I think I qualify. 😉


  2. Ah thanks mate. I am indeedy a smallish blog so this is a very welcome boost! You’re too kind – and I thought you might like the Time Lord post 😉

    I will write my LB post ASAP. I am also v excited about having a badge on my page. Almost a bit TOO excited… *jumps up and down on sofa*


  3. Hey, thanks a lot, Jeff. My Netvibes just caught up to your more recent posts… I’ve been taking a leave of absence from blogging. I have so many things on my mind and oh so little time. Thanks for the encouragement.


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