Have Some Serial For Breakfast

I’m back. After a long hiatus, I’ve returned to cultivating this blog. For those of you wondering, these past several months I’ve been working on my fiction writing. After my first wave of horror and sci fi short stories were rejected and/or ignored, I finally sold a story. My post-apocalyptic piece Big Dead Noise is running as a serial at JukePopSerials.com.

Another zombie apocalypse story? Do we really need that? Yes, we do. This one will kick your mind in the gut, because unlike other zombie stories out there, this one’s got . . . robots! Can the remaining humans on Earth survive against zombies and robots? You’ll have to read to find out.

The first chapter can be found here. You need to log in to read beyond Chapter 1, but registration is free and easy. Also, once you register you can vote for your favorites serials on the site. You can vote for each chapter—so as the saying goes, vote early and vote often.

The top 30 serials get bonuses and accolades, so in order to sit at the big kids table, I need your help (and your votes). So click the cover below, if you dare. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Earth has become a battleground. Mankind has reached the Singularity but was not ready for the devastating repercussions. Machines have assumed their rightful place as the dominant species on the planet, but are at constant war with the mutated remnants of humanity that are trying to take it back. Among the few truly human survivors is young Quinn Pearce and her ailing father—who have awoken from cryogenic sleep into an unfamiliar and hellish world. They must join forces with a group of unlikely allies to find a way through the war zone that surrounds them.


3 thoughts on “Have Some Serial For Breakfast

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  1. Sounds great brother!

    I can’t wait to see the movie and play the videogame!!
    I’ll check you out at JPS. Where can we find your collection of short stories?


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