Wise Words

Think of acts of consistency, not acts of intensity. Brushing teeth twice a day is better than brushing once, all day. Great analogy from @simonsinek ~ Carl Reader (@CarlReader)

Why Stories Matter

Stories teach us what it means to be human. A good story should inform you, in at least some little way, why you're here. That’s what we’re all looking for—we just want to understand the litany of questions that inevitably come to any self-aware being: Who am I? Why am I here? What am I... Continue Reading →

Have Some Serial For Breakfast

I'm back. After a long hiatus, I've returned to cultivating this blog. For those of you wondering, these past several months I've been working on my fiction writing. After my first wave of horror and sci fi short stories were rejected and/or ignored, I finally sold a story. My post-apocalyptic piece Big Dead Noise is... Continue Reading →

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