Romney ‘Poor Quote’ Is A Lesson For Us All

As easy as it is to express ourselves in this modern age of instant communication, it's just as easy to get burned. As we have seen in the past, there are constant reminders that if you're not extremely careful with how you communicate, not only are you likely to fail in getting your point across... Continue Reading →

Steve Jobs: In His Own Words

On Wednesday, Steve Jobs was taken from this world. Though there are those with differing opinions on his company and approach to labor, it is difficult to understate the effect his work had on our lives. He took a little company that he started with a couple of friends, who worked out of his parents'... Continue Reading →

The Awesome Liebster Blog Award

Yeah! Kat from Keeping Sane nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award, so I get to have one of those fancy bloggie badges on my page. Now I look all official and stuff. But seriously, thanks to Kat for thinking of Five Things At Once, and I suppose thus there is some bookkeeping to do.... Continue Reading →

I Will Break Your Heart

Writing fiction is great. It's the best catharsis around. You get to create characters, make them up anyway you want, and then do absolutely horrible things to them. I'm not being negative. That's what most storytelling is: characters overcoming obstacles and adversity. And hopefully they will grow and develop along the way, some for better... Continue Reading →

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