Five Things 2.0 + Some FAQs

I'm baaaaaaaack. Some people have asked where I have been. I appreciate the concern. To be honest, it's just been a busy month or so. What with taking care of Piper and the litany of chores, I simply haven't had time to write. Or at least not the way I want to write. I tend... Continue Reading →

Trying Something New

There are days, and there are days. Most days are fine; however, some days the kid screams and whines all day. What you read was, "Oh, some days the kid whines a lot. Huh." No, what I wrote was, "Some days, the kid screams and whines all day." Yesterday, she was hanging on me all... Continue Reading →

Hit The Ground Running

I thought as Piper got older, things would get easier; however, nothing could be further from the truth. As much work as it was taking care of her as a baby, she would nap five times a day—at least in the beginning. I'd gladly take five breaks a day at this point. As she became... Continue Reading →

Piper’s Masterpiece vs. The Giant Robot

As I've mentioned before, although Piper and I engage in what can most commonly be described as "free play," my wife is more likely to engage her in structured and civilized activities. Recently, Amy taught Piper how to paint. She loves it. Now every painting is her masterpiece. She always asks, "Mommy, can I work... Continue Reading →

State of the Blog Address

I don't usually like to get "meta;" but since I put so much work into this project, after almost two months it may be time to stop and take a look at the state of the blog. I've attempted to develop sites before, though unsuccessfully. I created Small Doses back in the late 90's. This... Continue Reading →

It Gets Better: The Trevor Project

The other day I was surfing various news sites and came across what I thought at the time was a mildly interesting story. Some Apple employees had made a video for something called "It Gets Better." Simply curious about this project, I checked out the website. What I found hit me like a ton of... Continue Reading →

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