A Special Message (or two) for Mother’s Day

It's Mother's Day weekend again. Time to remind ourselves of how awesome all the moms are out there. My wife is an amazing mother who does so much for our family. I originally posted this a few years ago; however, I decided to bring it back to honor her and all she does.   An... Continue Reading →

The Daddy Creed

There is a creed as old as time. Before the Renaissance, earlier than man has taken to the seas, even predating the construction of the great pyramids—mankind has never been without this hallowed canon. Belief has it that tablets containing the venerable words were brought across the universe to us from the ancients. Their consummate... Continue Reading →

Keep Buggering On

Last week was kind of a weird week for us. New to preschool and needing to strengthen her immunity, Piper had gotten sick. And thus we were thrown out of our cool new schedule we had waited so long for. Chores had to get shifted around, projects needed to be put off, yada yada yada... Continue Reading →

Five Things 2.0 + Some FAQs

I'm baaaaaaaack. Some people have asked where I have been. I appreciate the concern. To be honest, it's just been a busy month or so. What with taking care of Piper and the litany of chores, I simply haven't had time to write. Or at least not the way I want to write. I tend... Continue Reading →

Hit The Ground Running

I thought as Piper got older, things would get easier; however, nothing could be further from the truth. As much work as it was taking care of her as a baby, she would nap five times a day—at least in the beginning. I'd gladly take five breaks a day at this point. As she became... Continue Reading →

Piper’s Masterpiece vs. The Giant Robot

As I've mentioned before, although Piper and I engage in what can most commonly be described as "free play," my wife is more likely to engage her in structured and civilized activities. Recently, Amy taught Piper how to paint. She loves it. Now every painting is her masterpiece. She always asks, "Mommy, can I work... Continue Reading →

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