Two Great Drives: How Super Bowl 2012 Embodied The American Experience

It was that time of year again. You didn’t want to be left out, so you broke out the chips, got a beer, and parked it in front of the TV. You’ve were told this was going to be the nature of competition at its best, but instead you were assailed by America’s free market... Continue Reading →

The Awesome Liebster Blog Award

Yeah! Kat from Keeping Sane nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award, so I get to have one of those fancy bloggie badges on my page. Now I look all official and stuff. But seriously, thanks to Kat for thinking of Five Things At Once, and I suppose thus there is some bookkeeping to do.... Continue Reading →

I Will Break Your Heart

Writing fiction is great. It's the best catharsis around. You get to create characters, make them up anyway you want, and then do absolutely horrible things to them. I'm not being negative. That's what most storytelling is: characters overcoming obstacles and adversity. And hopefully they will grow and develop along the way, some for better... Continue Reading →

The Return of Punch Dancing?

Apparently, Hollywood doesn't have any original ideas anymore. You just can't get away from the remakes, which are all the rage these days. I just saw a trailer for the new version of Footloose. It started out in the same vein- a small town with a bunch of grumpy adults who won't let the kids... Continue Reading →

In the memetime…

They turn up when you're least expecting them. They won't leave you alone. Sometimes you can't get away, even for a moment just to clear your head. They might even invade your dreams at night. What are these terrifying intrusions? What else: Internet memes. Currently all the rage, they seem to be everywhere in our... Continue Reading →

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