Former Daycare Worker Charged With Possession of Child Porn

Sometimes you can have your coffee, read the news and have a relaxing start to your day. Other times, you open up the news and get a rude awakening. Today was one of those days. This morning my wife read a local news report stating that an Austin man was arrested Tuesday for possession of... Continue Reading →

Five Things 2.0 + Some FAQs

I'm baaaaaaaack. Some people have asked where I have been. I appreciate the concern. To be honest, it's just been a busy month or so. What with taking care of Piper and the litany of chores, I simply haven't had time to write. Or at least not the way I want to write. I tend... Continue Reading →

Hit The Ground Running

I thought as Piper got older, things would get easier; however, nothing could be further from the truth. As much work as it was taking care of her as a baby, she would nap five times a day—at least in the beginning. I'd gladly take five breaks a day at this point. As she became... Continue Reading →

Preschool Madness: Part 1

Yesterday I began my search for a suitable preschool for my daughter. My wife and I have obviously not waited until now to start thinking about preschools, it's just that now I am logistically getting down to brass tacks (so to speak). My search criteria has two main areas of concern: constants and variables. The... Continue Reading →

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