Preschool Madness: The First Big Week

As the first full week of Piper’s preschool comes to a close, it’s easy to see that we are all appreciative of the changes this new schedule has brought us. As far as school itself goes, Piper loves it. Loves it. She is always excited to come and see me before she leaves for the morning. She’s so proud to show off how dressed up and ready she is. When I pick her up at the end of her day, she cries and doesn’t want to leave. On Wednesday, when she saw me come to pick her up, she went back into the little playhouse they have outside and tried to hide from me. I yet to have a detailed talk with her teacher, but for now she always says, “Piper did great today.” Her class meets in the Dragonfly classroom. So Piper’s one of the Dragonflies. How cute is that?

I suppose we will need to have a detailed talk with her teacher at some point, since Piper will never tell us how it went herself. We ask her, “What did you do at school today?” She always waives us off and shouts, “Don’t tell me!” She never seems to want to talk about it. At first I just thought that since she liked school so much, it pained her to miss it; so thus she would not want to speak about it. Or I thought maybe it was just a window into her teenage self. I know in the future we will ask her, “What did you do today?” And she will just respond, “Nothing.” But maybe that’s not it either.

We had a breakthrough this week when Amy tried once again to pry some information from her. Except this time Amy started by offering to tell Piper about her day at work. Then after initially refusing to participate in the discussion, Piper asked, “Can you help me talk about school?” So it seems she simply got frustrated not knowing how to communicate. I suppose we just need more patience in trying to engage her. She’s growing so much sometimes it’s easy to forget how little she still is.

We did get an email today from her teacher. It was a newsletter detailing some of the things that the class was working on this week. Apparently this will be a weekly thing. It’s looking more and more like this school was the right choice.

Well, at any rate, I am going to leave to pick her up soon. I will once again try and ask her about her day. Wish me luck.


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  1. Can I suggest that the important questions is “did you enjoy your day at school?” It seems to me that most children find it difficult to articulate what they did at school, because especially in the early days they do so much that they can’t remember it all. At the end of the day, what matters is that she’s happy, settling down and making friends. What she actually did comes after that.


  2. Te newsletter will help because it will allow you to ask more specific questions. Even my teenage children clam up at open ended questions like, what did you learn or how was your day? But specifics, like how did your project go or for little guys, what story did the teacher read? Get a much better response. Good luck!


  3. Cute. I was going to suggest like “Twinisms” that you ask specific questions: what toy did you like to play with today or what did you play when you were outside, did you use crayons today, what did you color? I worked in a preschool for a couple of years and I saw that this seems to help. Sometimes to get her to talk, you could ask her silly questions like did you color a picture of an astronaut riding a dinosaur under the ocean… eating a pink ice cream cone? She’s sure to yell “no!” at you and possibly offer up something else. The trick is to have ‘some’ idea of what they actually did (newsletter or take home papers help with that) so that you can probe specifically with a little more success. Good luck.


    1. Also good points, Angela. Yeah, we’re all just getting used to a new little schedule. I’m sure communication will get better when we all sort things out more. The silly questions idea is a good one! I’ll have to keep that one in my back pocket. Thanks!


  4. Yay for lil’ Piper, and yay for you and Amy! What a great time this is and will continue to be as you see her blossom and grow beyond words. And…the words will come…I used to ask Maycee how her day was, and she’d simply say, “I don’t know…” Sometimes it was “I don’t remember”. Ha, ha. I’d think, how can you not remember 10 minutes ago? But, their little minds are soaking up so much their first years of school, I think it’s like my mind when I enter Walmart. What did I come in here for? I can’t remember! Ha!


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