The Fickle Muse or: Oh Muse, Oh Muse, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Throughout time, mankind has tried to rationalize the true source of inspiration. Though some artists attribute their oeuvre to their own hard work and diligence, there are still many who say it came from a source outside of themselves. This outer creative influence can take many forms: The Muse: This always makes me think of... Continue Reading →

I Will Break Your Heart

Writing fiction is great. It's the best catharsis around. You get to create characters, make them up anyway you want, and then do absolutely horrible things to them. I'm not being negative. That's what most storytelling is: characters overcoming obstacles and adversity. And hopefully they will grow and develop along the way, some for better... Continue Reading →

Time (Clock of the Heart)

Always elusive and difficult to understand, I can't fully explain the nature of time. I only know for creative types, it’s our greatest resource. Two things are certain in this life: you will always have more to learn, and you will never have enough time. Everything you do takes tremendous amounts of work, and it... Continue Reading →

Dave Grohl Has Stopped Believin’

Apparently it doesn't smell like teen spirit for Dave Grohl. In defense of his friend, Nathan Followill from the band Kings of Leon, he made this statement during a recent appearance on the cable talk show Chelsea Lately: "I read somewhere that the creator of 'Glee,' who I never met, and I've really only watched... Continue Reading →

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