Trying Something New

There are days, and there are days.

Most days are fine; however, some days the kid screams and whines all day. What you read was, “Oh, some days the kid whines a lot. Huh.” No, what I wrote was, “Some days, the kid screams and whines all day.” Yesterday, she was hanging on me all day. I mean literally hanging off of me, wanting me to pick her up, not letting me get away—even for a minute. If I sat on the couch she would come sit on my lap. Then she would lie down across me and kick me in the face repeatedly. Fun stuff. Except it’s not.

Sometimes you have to try something new. Shake things up—shake the tree and see what falls, as they say. I tried getting up at 5 AM yesterday morning. The getting up part was successful, the getting things done part didn’t work out so well. After uploading images from my phone to my computer, I tried uploading a video to YouTube, in preparation of the pending story about Kitty Kat. But I forgot my password, and getting into my account took some doing. After I got all of that sorted out, and after a couple of morning chores, it was already 6:10, and I figured the kid might get up in about ten minutes and just gave up. Frustration builds when expectations aren’t met. So what, I’m probably going to have to get up at 4 AM just to get anything done? Probably. Silly me, I thought I might have time to work on the concept I had for a novel later. Sorry, not today.

So when Amy came home from work yesterday, I bailed and got out of Dodge. I went to the Round Rock Public Library. Nice clean place, with WiFi, and quiet enough. This one might be a keeper. I was going to try and make this the first completely remote post, but I couldn’t upload images to this interface from the iPad. Plus, the text gets formatted all wonky on the iPad for some reason. So this took some editing at home, but it’s still the first remotely composed post. And I had to get up this morning at 4:45 AM. Whatever works.



But sometimes it’s good to get out. Maybe it’s a good thing I was forced into this self-imposed exile. As Tenacious D said on their show:

“Sometimes you’ve  got to leave your zone of safety. You have to manufacture inspirado. You gotta get out of the apartment.”

Of course, nothing works all of the time. You’ve got to have options. If machines break down and need to be reformatted, you can always go to pen and paper—at least to compose a piece. The kid won’t stop screaming? Get someone off the bench to pinch hit and go try the library, or a cafe at the bookstore. As Corey Hart would say, “Never surrender.” And he was a cool dude.

We should listen to cool dudes, Hansel from the movie “Zoolander” said so.

“Listen to your friend Billy Zane. He’s a cool dude.”

Keep trying. There’s always a way.

10 thoughts on “Trying Something New

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  1. And Corey Hart was so cool he wore his sunglasses at night 🙂
    I’ve been meaning to escape to the library for some solitude…I never seem to get there. But I’m trying…


  2. Yes, it is important to keep trying. My mom told me that when she was raising me and my sister she never thought about what she was missing or felt like she should have time to do what she wanted and such. I don’t know if I think about it quite like that, but being a creative person and having other things I enjoy that make me “me”, tells me to try and find a way to fit that stuff in. It comes few and far between, but that’s better than not at all. And, besides, I don’t believe it’s a bad thing for your child/children to see that Mom/Dad have other important parts to their life. Again, for me, it all comes down to balance, and with a toddler, Jeff, you REALLY gotta think outside the box to capture those “you” moments, huh?!


  3. “Frustration builds when expectations aren’t met.”

    Yep. That pretty much explains my day-today. It can define a bad day. It’s a good reminder to constantly refocus expectations.

    Glad you got some time at your library. I take my kids to ours all the time for story time and to exchange bookshelves with them. I haven’t seriously considered going by myself… for myself… Maybe, I will.


  4. aw man, clingy-ness and face kicks are my life on a daily basis 😉 But I guess if you’re not used to it, it’s overwhelming. (Ok, who am I kidding- it happens to me everyday and it’s still overwhelming!)
    I guess that’s what parenting is all about, huh?


  5. Do you think kids have telepathy? It seems as if every parent I have talked to this week is having it rough. Mine is inthis same cranky, crying, throwing tantrums which- include hitting her head off of the wall out of frustration- kinda mood. She won’t sleep unless I rock her there…and she has been waking at 5:30!!! I’m about to go insane.


  6. I know how you feel, especially in the winter months when you can’t exactly take them outside. Now that it’s all nice and sunny every time one of them starts throwing a fit, I throw them into the double stroller and take a nice 2-3 sometimes 4 hour walk along side the peaceful roads. One day we walked all the way to the lake and I let my 3 year old throw pebbles into the stream. Now everyday I come home they just crash out and have no energy to be whiny.

    Oh and thanks for a new idea for my blog =]. Your name will be added.


  7. I live there! Except with three, it doesnt even have to be that one whines all day, sometimes they tag-team! Ugh. Sometimes they tag, and forget to stop when the other one starts. Why is it that my three year old is usually the hardest to deal with? Shouldn’t being older make it easier to control. I find my 18 month old to be more in control of his feelings quite often. Then I find myself being a little jealous of my three year old, because somedays, I want to throw a fit on the floor.
    Then again, there are those times when they crawl into your lap and hold you for no reason. Yep- it’s totally worth every whinny horrible fit throwing minute! They will only be three once, I plan to enjoy it- or at least try! 🙂 Good luck!


  8. In my opinion, three year olds present more challenges than two year olds. Whomever coined the term “terrible twos” mustn’t have gotten to three yet…

    Being a parent is tough work. I think that times have changed and it is important to find time for yourself. Good for you!


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